For many stations may have a punching machine, especially when producing variable volumes for quantity and type of work, sometimes the capacity is insufficient forcing to stop the machine to change the setup of the tools at the expense of production efficiency.

The operator is forced to interrupt production, change the tools and then restart production. At this point the company is faced with additional costs for its production that derive from the cost of labor for machine setups and costs related to downtime.

Maximum flexibility with Multi-tool auto-index

The use of Multi-tool auto-index offers the possibility of maximum flexibility by increasing the capacity, productivity and speed of the punching machine thanks to the possibility of inserting multiple independent punches in a single station, without losing the performance of the single tool at the same level of resistance and degree of rotation.

The TP Alpha punching machine, for example, even if equipped with only one station, reaches a capacity of 10 tools, all auto-index and independent, thus maximizing the flexibility of a small and compact punching machine.

If we take into consideration the TP Omega Omega and TP Zeta automatic punching machines, respectively with 5 and 15 auto-index stations, with the use of Multi-tool with 10 tools each, we can theoretically get the chance to stay up to 50 tools for the first and up to 150 for the second.

All advantages

The advantages of using the Multi-tool are not limited to increasing the punching capacity of the punching machine. Their use also allows:
  • Rotation of tools
    The tools inside the Multi-tool can rotate from 0 ° to 360 ° so that machining can be carried out at any angle. Every single tool rotates according to the CAD programming.
  • Tool purchase reduction
    The possibility of rotating all the tools allows to reduce not only the number of tools to be purchased, but also that of holders, adapters, extractors, etc. which are used for the use of individual tools.
  • Reduced tool change timesDuring processing, the machine takes only 0.5 seconds to select and change the tool within the Multi-tool.
  • Simplified programming
    Having a greater number of tools that can rotate 360 ° allows to simplify the programming, enabling complex nesting.
  • Small and handy punches and dies
    The technology behind the Multi-tool has made it possible to create punches that are really small and easy to assemble
  • Reduced cost of punches and dies
    The purchase costs of the punches and the dies to configure the Multi-tool, given the small size, are really limited
  • Robust and durable
    Although the tools of the Multi-tool are very small, they guarantee the same performance and durability as standard punches.

Types and characteristics of Multi-tools

On TECHNOLOGY punching machines two models of Multi-tool can be mounted: with 5 or 10 tools.

Multi-tool 5 tools

The 5-tool version allows to house tools with a maximum diameter or diagonal of 16mm.

Multi-tool 10 tools

The 5-tool version allows to house tools with a maximum diameter or diagonal of 10.5mm.

Quick assembly

Assembling the Multi-tool is really very simple and above all fast, the positions of the tools are numbered, so as to minimize the possibility of error during assembly.

Thicknesses that can be worked with the Multi-tool

In the below table we show the thicknesses that can be worked with the Multi-tool, you can see how all the thicknesses ideal for punching can be processed.


Aluminum 0.5 – 4.5 mm
Steel 0.5 – 4.5 mm
Stainless steel 0.5 – 3.0 mm

Greater capacity, More savings.

The Multitool auto-index technology proves to be the ideal solution to increase the versatility of the punching machine, increasing its capacity and reducing tool change times, quantities and the cost of the tools to be purchased.
It means an economic return for the benefit of the company and its customers.