Punching machines

The widest range of punching machines on the market.

From the single-punch press to the automatic punch press with 5 or 15 stations, we are the only ones who can offer a wide range of servo drive and full auto-index CNC punching machines, with a full 360-degree rotation of the punch and die set.


At root of TecnoPunch there is a completely innovative idea: transforming the CNC punch press from a simple machine for punching sheet metal to a multi-function machine that includes advanced but user-friendly technologies.

Start line

Servo Drive CNC Punch Press TechnoPunch Alpha
The key feature of all Start Line punching machines is the Quality/Price ratio.

Advanced line

Servo Drive CNC Punch Press TechnoPunch Omega
The Advanced Line consists of Premium punghing machines that make the Performance their forte.

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Who we are

We, as “CNC Punch Press Specialists”, offer you a complete range of punching machines to meet every production need

Punching tools

To get the most out of our CNC punch machines, it is important to choose the most suitable tools.

Customer Experience

There is only one way to give value to our mission: giving voice to the words of our customers who enthusiastically tell their business experience with TECHNOLOGY.