Via Arluno 41 20010 Pogliano Milanese (MI) Italia

Fiorella Sartori

Owner, SARTORI S.r.l.

Simply because it is IRREPLACEABLE


The navigator takes us easily to the destination and the company’s sign indicates the small route to be taken to reach the entrance of the Sartori Giancarlo S.R.L. company founded in 1967 which deals with third-party processing in stainless steel of components for machines in the food sector. The neat and tidy outdoor space is a reflection of an equally organized interior. Well-defined areas where we find lasers, benders, satinizers and then her: the TP Alpha punching machine. Mrs. Fiorella Sartori reaches us and with the kind availability of all time, with her husband Mr. Pietro Guglieri and the third partner Mr. Valerio Bellin, lends itself to answering the questions of our brief interview

Even though the presence of a laser, why still the punching machine?

“Simply because it is IRREPLACEABLE, not only because can make deformations that the laser don’t allow to do, but also for the gratings that, made with the laser, would increase the cost of the finished piece to the detriment of competitiveness. The punching machine also allows to add to the already finished piece, a possible further processing that the customer decides to insert at the last minute. If we only had the laser we could not do it because it does not allow the resumption of the piece.”

Do you therefore use the punching machine only as a complement to the laser?

“Most of the work requested by our customers involves laser cutting of the template and the subsequent passage to the punching machine, but there are pieces, unique or almost, that we cut and process completely with the punching machine because it is more convenient.“


“We have been customers since 1993. We have had T30 manual, Tecnumerik at CNC and now the TP Alpha. TECHNOLOGY punching machines have a series of advantages compared to the competition that make them more performing. The main ones are: The accessibility and the minimum encumbrance of the tool holder allows us to perform deformations on particular components that require the tool to be changed during machining. The ease of programming that can be manual, semiautomatic and / or automatic depending on the need: we don’t do complex nesting and program on board the machine and it may happen to have to correct or even change a single row of ISO, with the machine of the competition (which we had) was impossible. The possibility to block sheets with the edges already bent has allowed us to complete a contract that involved the processing of doors for painted electrical panels with edges already folded on 4 sides, to which we would have to give up if we had not had your machine. The tables in brushes have allowed to perform and finish the work without having to worry about ruining the door painting.

Interview conclusion

Time passes by listening to the passion for one’s own work that shines through the words of Mrs. Fiorella and the faces of all the collaborators. Just stay a few minutes for a nice group photo and greet us with a warm handshake. A beautiful reality, beautiful people. Passion and Italian tradition that is handed down from generation to generation.


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