In recent years the world of punching TECHNOLOGY evolved, transforming punching machines into ever more complete work systema capable of carrying out different types of machining operations such as high-speed deformation, tapping, bending and other.

Many times, however, we had to deal with hydraulic machines with high electrical absorption, complex hydraulic systems and above all the large quantities of oil to be replaced and disposed to keep the machine efficient.

A big step has been made thanks to the application of servo-electric motors to the punching units that guarantee greater durability and reliability, reduction of maintenance costs and energy consumption, especially during stand-by. Nevertheless, punching machines continue to present various problems in the management of high frequency processing for long periods.

Those who choose the TECNOPUNCH electric punching machines no longer have this problem because TECHNOLOGY, continuing its philosophy of making accessible intelligent and innovative technologies in the field of punching, has designed the DualCam system: this technology offers a system of movement of the punch axis able to perform high-frequency machining at 24h / 24h, practically eliminating the dynamic stress of the system.

Why DualCam?

Developed starting from the kinematic system (movement of the punch axis), project unique in the world and applied for over forty years on the TECNOPUNCH machines, DualCam has allowed to overcome the limits of the obsolete hydraulic system and the latest electrical technology.

Its particular double eccentric shape, different from the traditional sliding screw systems, has allowed, with the application of the servo-electric motor, to obtain a machine able to work in two modes: Pendulum or Continuous Rotation.

This system, acting as a lever on the punch axis, is able to develop a punching force of 30 tons, using a smaller engine and reducing consumption, compared to a sliding screw mechanism that would need more power to reach the same result.

This technology allows:

  • High-frequency processing 24 hours per day
  • 30 tons punching force
  • 900 stroke / min punching frequency.
  • Dynamic stress of the almost non-zero servo-electric system
  • Absence of chiller systems for cooling
  • Programmable punch stroke
  • Reduced processing noise (SoftPunch function)

When you need to make grates, nibbling or any other process that requires a high frequency of punching for a prolonged period, the TECHNOLOGY punching machine thanks to this system can make the motor work in continuous rotation, thus avoiding overheating the system for the continuous acceleration and braking caused by the pendulum movement.

The operator can choose the most suitable mode for processing through the intuitive software interface on the machine or with a special function inside the created programs.

The Pendulum work cycle is suitable for single punching operations allowing to program the punch stroke.
The continuous rotation machining cycle is suitable for short-step processing, for example nibbling and grating because it reduces the dynamic stress of the motor.
The union of DualCam technology with the servo-electric system has allowed TECHNOLOGY to bring to the market a new generation of electric punching machines, able to maintain unaltered the advantages of traditional electrical ones.

  • The regenerative system is an important saving factor because the innovative concept of recovery of energy generated by the braking of the machine is transformed and used for subsequent acceleration.
  • The standby mode allows the machine to use only the energy required for a specific programmed motion, such as axis motion or punching unit. When the machine is at rest, consumption is reduced to just 0.4Kw.
  • The absence of hydraulic oil that requires its replacement with consequent disposal costs and annoying losses in case of breakdown.
  • Maintenance costs have been reduced because the mechanical components subject to greater wear have been replaced by a new servo-electric system

The importance of first-class partners

The development of this project has been carried out in collaboration with our historical partner FANUC, world leader in numerical controls and automation, allowing us to create a 24-month warranty system that can be extended up to 60 months.

Innovative technologies for everyone

With DualCam, TECHNOLOGY once again introduces into the world of punching, innovative technologies, but above all democratic and accessible to all its customers.

The company carries on its concept of “Officine della macchina utensile”: our customers know to rely on punching specialist with the great experience gained in over 40 years of national and international presence, producing punching machines able to guarantee the maximum return of investment (ROI), thanks to their high performance.



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