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Ease of tool change; front loading of the sheet metal sheets; repositioning of large length sheets


For over 28 years Galvasteel has been serving its customers to offer the best solutions in terms of street furniture and advertising panels, which can be found everywhere throughout the French territory and beyond, as well as in other countries of Europe and Russia.

Furthermore, the size and status of a specialist company in the sheet metal sector make it the ideal subcontractor for many industries, for example, in the industrial construction, transport, aerospace, food, etc. sectors, as it is equipped with production tools suitable to respond perfectly to requests with high quality products and rigor and referring to different standards.

Over the years it has completed and renewed its fleet with the aim of placing itself at the top of the ranking of performing and innovative companies in the sector.

To achieve this, in addition to the purchase of a fiber laser, it renewed its trust in our brand with the purchase of the TP Zeta 3510 punching machine, retiring Tecnotransfer after many years of honorable service.

Mr. Jean Louis Etchegaray, production manager, explains in a few words how the punching machine has solved, and continues to solve, the production needs of Galvasteel S.A.

“This punching machine discovered over 25 years ago was one of the first of the TECNOLOGY numerical control family that seduced us with the technical innovation of the 15 auto-index stations with tools from 2 to 100 mm diameter; since then we have followed all the developments until, a year ago, we came to buy the third machine of this type 1500×2500.

The strengths for us are: the ease of tool change; front loading of the sheet metal sheets on the machine; repositioning of large length sheets; the ease of installing a small sheet from the front.
This latest generation punching machine is frankly very reliable and perfect for our type of production.

The TECNOLOGY company is always reactive to the slightest problem and careful to listen and advise by providing all the additional information we may need. “

For the realization of the programs, as always, the offline CAD / CAM Jetcam office software has been added, which displays and imports .dxf and .dwg files, selects the best tool, allows automatic nesting for a minimum waste of material, generating the CNC code to load in the machine.


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