Why did you choose Technology?

The choice of TECHNOLOGY company is due to a previous experience with a punching machine purchased in 2009.
I turned to this company again because machine, collaboration and service were excellent.
The advantage of the new system is the greater productivity by engaging a small space. Furthermore, the quality / price ratio it’s certainly advantageous.


Pasquale Ranieri


Pierre Porte S.r.l. in Uscio (GE) produces armored doors since 1988 keeping constant the highest quality without neglecting any element, from the design to the delivery. Strength and reliability for the bearing structures and locks, endless aesthetic and structural customizations for each type of requirement, as well as integration with electronic alarm systems and any other accessories.

Technology’s customer since 2003 with the purchase of the Tecnotransfer 15SR automatic punching machine, then the evolution and the increase of production led Mr. Ranieri to the decision to change the punching machine, since it was essential to obtain all the panels components from a single metal sheet without repositioning and also make the production process automatic by reorganizing the company space and the staff’s tasks.

The study of these needs brought Mr. Ranieri to the new servo-electric technology proceeding with the purchase of a punching machine with a larger working area, the TP Omega 3510 1250×2550 mm., equipped with an automatic loading and unloading system.

The project, developed in close collaboration between our technical department and our partner Antil, an Italian company leader in the field, has thus determined the construction of a compact structure to reduce the space occupied in the workshop.

This type of system is positioned on the right side of the machine and it’s able to autonomously execute a complete production cycle: it loads the sheet on the punch press and once it has finished its program, it executes the palletization of the finished parts.


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TP OMEGA SE Punching machine

TECHNOLOGY style tools

Software JetCam CAD/CAM


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