Cad/Cam Software


Jetcam Expert V20

CAD / CAM software designed to make simple and intuitive the offline programming of CNC punching machines.

Scalable and flexible, fits any kind of reality, from the smallest to the most developed.

Import your DXF and DWG files produced by CAD

Do not waste valuable time, upload file DXF and DWG directly to JetCam, the software will handle their import and cleaning.

Make the programming of the machine quick and efficient

Automatic selection of the best tool


Automatic Nesting

A tool that simulates the pieces to be produced on the sheet of paper resulting in the calculation of the production times and materials needed.

JetCam’s advanced automatic nesting, minimizes friction, allowing you to maximize productivity and reduce production times and costs.

Generating CNC code


3 Version

JetCam ExpertExpert LiteExpert 1Expert Premium
DXF Viewer
Automatic hazard avoidance (holes and forms)
Interactive CAD with export facility
CAD drawing import for popular CAD and machine tool vendor formats
Component revision control, providing safety when generating static or dynamic nests
Automatic tool selection
Automatic micro-joints, lead-ins/outs, loops etc. Intelligently applied to parts nested at specific angles
Interactive nesting (arrays, bump nesting (free hand) and mosaic nesting)
Automatic nesting of a single component at 0 and 90 degrees
User definable machine macro commands
Automatic tool path and tool rotation optimisation with highly efficient sequencing of final cuts
Automatic parting and unloading of components at any angle
Automatic repositioning and continuation of a cut over a reposition where required
Automatic turret/magazine loading and Automatic Turret Nesting
Multiple tool libraries
Automatic placement of special tools
Full simulation capabilities with runtime estimation data available for costing
Automatic sheet processing, including skeleton destruction
Single Component Automatic Processing (S.C.A.P.)
CAD Filtering (auto-repairing of ‘dirty’ CAD files)
Tool Teach Mode - ability to ‘learn’ preferred tooling methods
Support for metal sheet loading and unloading system

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