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Our history

Over 45 years of history

since 1973


The first servo-electric punch press TP Zeta SE made its debut on the market


The first 5-station automatic punching machine with horizontal tool change was developed



The range of punching machines is radically renewed by introducing onto the market the new EVO TT.



Auto-index technology is introduced in the single-punch machine, thus allowing a 360° rotation of the tool – TECNOINDEX



The path towards the world of industrial automation begins with the creation of the system that allows automatic loading and unloading of sheet metal



The first punching machine with vertical tool changer is created – TECNOTRANSFER 1050, a worldwide patented solution.



The T30 evolves and the first TECNUMERIK 1000 CNC punching machine is designed and built.



The first manual punching machine, the T30/850, is put into production.

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About us

“The CNC punching machine specialists” with a complete range of punch presses to satisfy every production requirement

CNC punching machines

TecnoPunch servo-electric CNC punching machines for punching, forming, tapping and bending


For over 45 years we have been supporting hundreds of customers in their sheet metal processing projects by providing customized solutions.