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In 1973 the “Officine Piccini and Bassich” turned into TECHNOLOGY Italiana: since then we have grown and with constant passion for innovation we have never stopped studying, designing and make machine tools for sheet metal processing.

We continue to grow, but we still prefer to define ourselves as “Officine” or the place, even if of an industrial character, in which we conceive, design and manufacture our machines.

A workshop with doors open to anyone who wants, even if only out of simple curiosity, to see how the idea of a machine tool is born and how it becomes real through the production processes of all the components up to the final assembly.

The term workshop fully reflects our way of being, with a very specific face, that of each of us, and therefore human, emotional and engaging.

Our machines are born from the necessity of having to meet specific production needs. What we have done for us, we continue to do it for you. </ Strong> </ em>

We are proud to be small, because it allows us to maintain the quality of Made in Italy, to apply the best industrial technology available on the market and above all to establish a relationship of mutual trust with the customer, transforming it from a mere buyer to a partner.

Our numbers. Your warranty.

Just a few numbers are enough to say who we are.

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