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5 September 2023


A Technological Leap: A new era of innovation, after 50 years of Excellence

A Technological Leap: A new era of innovation, after 50 years of Excellence

Technological evolution is often the result of a long history of success and commitment. Technology Italiana, a benchmark in the field of machine tools for sheet metal working, is now seizing a new opportunity. After 50 years of excellence in the design and construction of CNC punching machines, we proudly present LEVANTE LASER, our innovative line of fiber laser cutting machines

A Past of Excellence and a New Direction: Levante Laser

Since its founding in 1973, Technology Italiana has embraced the innovation and art of designing cutting-edge machine tools. With a history of fifty years in the sheet metal working machinery industry, our company has consistently demonstrated a commitment to excellence, quality and customer satisfaction. Everything we have built is a tangible testimony of this commitment. The announcement of Levante Laser represents a bold step towards the future, the result of years of experience and listening to the needs of our customers and the trends of a constantly evolving market.

Levante Laser is the result of a continuous commitment to research, design and engineering. These machines have been created to offer precise and fast laser cutting on a wide range of sheet thicknesses, ensuring maximum efficiency and quality in production processes.

Precision and innovation

Levante Laser stands for precision. With the integration of state-of-the-art laser technologies, every cut is performed with extreme accuracy, reducing waste and optimizing results. The intuitive user interface simplifies operation and allows you to work with a variety of shapes and geometries. In addition, the robust and reliable design of Levante Laser machines is the result of decades of experience in building high-quality industrial machinery.

An ongoing commitment

Launching Levante Laser is not only a strategic move to expand our product offering, but represents a continuous commitment to innovation and growth. We want Levante Laser to be recognized as the ideal choice for those looking for advanced solutions for sheet metal laser cutting. Our past experience has brought us here, and our innovative spirit will guide us into the future.

Looking forward/strong>

We look to the future with a sense of gratitude for our past and an exciting vision for what is to come. Levante Laser is just the beginning of this exciting new phase for Italian Technology. We are grateful for our customers, employees and business partners who made this possible. With Levante Laser, we are creating new connections, overcoming challenges and setting new standards in the sheet metal laser cutting industry.

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