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Why did you choose Technology?

For many years using the Technology machines, my company has always had a trusted and indispensable partner in our business, which allows and guarantees a fluid production management and at the same time a constant development. At one point we had the need to integrate a new machine into the armored door production line. Together we have studied a solution that best combines our production needs with machine performance. Our Tecnofive is a true “working horse” that never stops for seven years and serves production with a really low maintenance cost. When it will be necessary to replace the current machine or increase the production line, surely our next machine will be another Technology.


Predrag Marin


MarinExpert was founded in 1986 for the production of equipment for catering and in 1999 decided to diversify its business by creating the MaxDoor line for the manufacture of armored doors anti-burglary and anti-fire.

The family tradition of 50 years in pursuing the goal of meeting the needs of its customers, offering quality products and services through technologically advanced processes and an ecologically pure production, has been handed down in the new product line, and today counts on a modern unit that constantly invests in production facilities, cutting-edge technology and training of professional staff.

Teknofive (name changed then in TP Omega) 5 stations 1250×2500 produced by TECHNOLOGY makes a fine display in the modernly equipped machine park, to reiterate that the punching machine remains an important productive element thanks to the versatility and ease of programming, being able to perform deformations, threads, bugnature, ribs, markings, smears, etc. that make it a work center at 360 °, keeping production costs at competitive levels that allow to obtain the maximum return from the initial investment.

The transition from the previous TECHNOLOGY punching machine to the new one was dictated, as well as the need to retire after many years of service the Tecnotransfer, just from the need to have a machine more suitable for the processing of the panels of the armored doors both as quantity of tools to be used, both as working field dimensions. To demonstrate the reliability and quality of the TECHNOLOGY punching machines, the Teknofive (TP Omega) delivered to this customer was among the first produced and is working continuously since its installation in August 2011: over 2600 days without problems or downtime. This represents for us a reason of particular pride and security for all customers who have chosen and continue to choose many of our punching machines.

We are honored to accompany the eng. Marin in the growth of his company, providing all the technical and commercial support aimed at offering the best solution to production needs.


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