Compact and intuitive punching machine, it is the right machine to enter the world of punching. Ideal for creating various types of parts and to support a laser cutting machine..

Everyday processing

Versatile and simple to use, it allows to integrate common processes quickly and economically.


Discover some of the applications that can be realized with TECNUMERIK

Electric is better

Is equipped with an advanced power-assisted punching unit without any hydraulic oil and with low energy consumption.

  • FANUC motor
  • Stroke, speed and acceleration of the tool fully programmable
  • Absence of hydraulic oil
  • SoftPunch functions for noise reduction working hight thickness

The simplest to use

TECNUMERIK is the simplest punching machine to use thanks to its three modes of use. From manual to automatic use, realizing the program from the machine console with the TECNOCAM graphic software.


Punching and moving the axes are done manually, using the pedal and the joystick on the console.


Automatic axis shift (based on programming) and manual punch using the pedal.


Once the program has been created with the TECNOCAM graphic software, punching and moving the axes are automatic.

Create programs in minutes

Thanks to the TECNOCAM software on the machine, using the large 15 inch display, programs can be created quickly and intuitively

Tool change in 12 seconds

For a mono-punching the speed of the tool change becomes fundamental, for this reason TP Alpha is equipped with the quickest and simplest system on the market. Just 12 seconds to setup the tool on the machine.

Long warranty and
low consumption





0.4 Kw





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Littles. Easy to handle. Less Expensive.

TRUMPF style tools have several advantages over those at Turret. They are definitely smaller, lighter and more manageable, but above all they allow you to save on the purchase cost.

Save in:

  • Lenght 63%
  • Wight 73%
  • Price 69%


The use of CNC, drives and motors produced by the world leader FANUC guarantee maximum reliability.

Accessories and Optional

Some of the accessories and optional for TECNUMERIK, including automatic sheet metal repositioning with cylinders, punch extraction failure sensor and tool holder trolley 5-stations

Sheet metal repositioning with cylinders
This system allows to process sheets larger than the X axis stroke and allows more than one repositioning during production.
Tool carriage with 5 positions
Useful to simplify and speed up tool change operations.

Technical data

 U.M.TK 1000TK 810
Max. punching forceTon2525
Maximum thicknessmm66
Working size (without reposition)mm1000 x 1500810 x 1000
Working size (with reposition)mm1000 x 3100810 x 2000
Punching frequencystroke/min600600

Some services

At your side with 360 ° services that can make you get the most out of your punching machine.

Order tools and spare parts 24h / 24h at discounted prices and without shipping costs

TECHNOLOGY First is the extension of services for our customers that offers you different advantages in the purchase of spare parts, tools, interventions and much more.

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