4 March 2020

The punching machine is at its peak again!

TECHNOLOGY Italiana confirms its position as a punching specialist and proponent of a new way of conceiving this type of machine that is once again playing a key role alongside laser cutting. This is proved by the case of the company “Sartori Giancarlo S.R.L.” from Pogliano Milanese where a Technology TP Alpha punching machine works and completes the operation of a laser cutting system in a high performance, versatile and easy way.


In the sheet metal working sector, Italy is one of the most advanced countries and a reference point. Depending on the product to be made, different techniques and technologies are used, from cutting to bending, from drawing to punching. Among the machine tools used for sheet metal working, laser and CNC punching machines are two of the main solutions. The use of one or the other depends on many factors such as, for example, the type of material, thickness and finished product. The advent of the laser, first CO2, then fibre, has weakened the punching machine market almost to the point of suggesting a definitive sunset of the latter. But after the laser boom lasted more than ten years, the CNC punching machine has gained positions again, becoming over time a versatile, high performance and easier to program working centre, with functions linked not only to classic punching, but also to threading, forming, bending, marking and more. In addition to these functions, there are also new tools that allow cuts, ribs and grooves unthinkable before.

Up to 4 mm, the quality/price ratio is unbeatable

Rather than competition between the two types of machine, it would now be more correct to talk about the complementarity of the two technologies: combining punching technology with laser cutting technology offers the chance to exploit the best of both. Punching intervenes where the laser cannot arrive or where it risks being too expensive.
For example, the CNC punching machine, thanks to its quality/price ratio, has once again become fundamental in the sheet metal working process on thicknesses between 1 and 4 mm. This is the reason why even large manufacturers still produce and develop their own type of punching machine. The cost of the final product made with the CNC punching machine is certainly lower, without having to sacrifice quality.

Partner for both small carpentry and large industry

Technology Italiana has been producing punching machines since 1973 and has never ceased to focus on this product in its entirety in order to develop it to its full potential. In the years when lasers took over, Technology Italiana studied and produced the new models that today characterize its wide range.
The servo-drive technology is applied to all models and this has allowed to eliminate all the disadvantages of hydraulic systems, eliminating the use of oils and reducing the electrical consumption. The speed of the tool change is 70% higher than the common turrets: it takes just 12 seconds to place the punch and die in the machine. They are small and easy to handle, ensuring efficiency, high productivity and greater savings. The possibility to rotate each tool from 0° to 360°, including those contained in multi-tools, allows to reduce the number of tools to be purchased with further savings.
Technology Italiana boasts the widest range of punching machines on the market, from the smallest single-punch to the automatic punching machine with a working area of 1,500 x 4,200 mm, going through loading and unloading systems for the automation of the production cycle. Technology Italiana is able to satisfy the production needs of small carpentries and large industries, studying and finding the best solution for each customer, becoming consultants and partners instead of simple suppliers. This is for example the case of Sartori Giancarlo S.R.L., a company founded in 1967 in Pogliano Milanese that deals with stainless steel processing of components for machines in the food sector. We met Mrs. Fiorella Sartori who welcomed us together with her husband Pietro Guglieri and her third partner Valerio Bellin to answer some brief questions.

The main ally of the laser machine

Arriving at Sartori Giancarlo you immediately notice how the neat and tidy outdoor space is the reflection of an equally organized indoor area. Well-defined spaces where we find lasers, folding machines, satin finishers and then the TP Alpha punching machine by Technology Italiana. The question arises: “Despite the presence of a laser machine, why is there also a punching machine?”. Mrs Fiorella’s answer is immediate: “Simply because it is irreplaceable. Not only because it is possible to create deformations that the laser does not make, but also because some processes, such as gratings, if made with the laser, would increase the cost of the finished part at the expense of competitiveness. The punching machine also makes it possible to add to the already finished piece any further manufacturing that the customer decides to do at the last minute. If we had only the laser, we couldn’t do it because it doesn’t allow further modifications to the workpiece”.
“Most of the processes requested by our customers include laser cutting of the shape and the subsequent transition to the punching machine. But there are pieces, so to speak, unique or almost unique, that we cut and process completely with the punching machine because it is more convenient” explains Mr. Guglieri.

An easy and reliable choice in the sign of continuity

“We’ve been Technology customers since 1993,” Ms. Fiorella says again. “We had a manual T30, a CNC Tecnumerik and now the TP Alpha. Technology punching machines have a number of advantages over competitors’ machines that make them far more efficient. The main ones are: the accessibility and minimum obstruction of the tool locking system that allows us to perform deformations on particular components requiring tool changes during the process. The ease of programming is another significant advantage. It can be manual, semi-automatic and/or automatic depending on the need: we do not carry out complex nesting works but we program on the machine and it may happen to have to correct or change even a single ISO string. All this was impossible with the competitor’s machine (which we had previously). The possibility of clamping sheets with already bent edges allowed us to carry out a job that involved the manufacturing of doors for electrical panels painted with the edges already bent on 4 sides, which we would have had to give up if we had not had your machine. The plans with brushes allowed us to carry out the work without having to worry about ruining the painting of the door. In short, for us the punching machines of Technology Italiana are an important and reliable solution also because it has always relied on high level partners and suppliers, in order to guarantee products with the highest quality and customized after-sales services “.
Technology Italiana offers a high level after-sales service with which it guarantees, in fact, a series of personalized services: telephone assistance, e-mail and remote assistance for a rapid diagnosis of any problems; software consultancy; tools and spare parts that can also be purchased online.

Source: Publitec online (Rivista di settore – Deformazione)


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