2D fiber laser cutting

Levante Laser A

Levante Laser

2D fiber laser cutting

Levante Laser A

Levante Laser A

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The best choices are seen over time

Taiwan Structure

The structure of Levante Laser A was designed with a properly sized structure, this allowed us to push Levante Laser up to the speed of 2.1G.

During its construction it undergoes treatment for the distension of the welds to ensure accuracy over time.

Sectional fume extraction bench

The suction bench, installed as standard, is divided into sections, so as to suck the fumes at the exact point of cutting.

This allows to have maximum efficiency during the phases of fume extraction and to reduce consumption and energy costs.

nLight Generator

A choice without compromise

It uses the innovative and powerful American nlight laser generator.

Available with power from 3 to 6 Kw.

Thanks to the modular construction and anti-reflective technology, you can aim for high-level production.

Reflective materials?
No problem!

The Levante Laser A generator is equipped with an innovative anti-reflective technology, so you can work without problems highly reflective materials such as copper, brass and aluminum.

Modular generator

The modular construction of the generator avoids tedious and expensive downtime.

Head Precitec

For a perfect cut

The laser cutting head is a fundamental component to achieve a perfect cut, which is why we turned to the German company PRECITEC, leader in the sector for several years.

The head PRECITEC united with our technologies, allow us to create a high performing solution.

The interface guides you through every step

We have thought of everything to provide you with an advanced machine, for this reason Levante Laser A adopts a CNC of the latest advanced generation, full of advanced functions to make the most of all the potential of the machine.

Advanced Line Interface

which Gas to use

Levante Laser A is equipped with the predisposition for all three cutting gases:

  • Oxygen
  • Nitrogen
  • Air

Cutting data

Cutting parameters for different materials and thicknesses are supplied together with the machine. Our specialists have tested the various parameters, so that you can cut immediately.

Fast and solid pallet change

The pallet change is made with a solid structure, designed to support up to 800 kg of weight.

The robustness of the pallet change allows you to change between the two levels in just 14 seconds.

Fast and solid pallet change
Easy and intuitive start

and intuitive start

The machine console is designed to put you at ease from the first moments. Its large 24-inch display and simple and intuitive HMI interface will let you start in no time.

Thanks to the separate console from the machine, you will always have a wide view on both sides of the machine.

Set the laser from the office

You can program Levante Laser S directly from your office, using the most common CAD/CAM programming software.

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The machine is also compatible with other software, to check if your software is compatible, contact us.

Maximum connectivity and integration



With just an internet connection we can we can perform, safely, a complete diagnosis of the errors, reducing downtimes.


Industry 4.0 Ready

Levante Laser, thanks to its technologies, can be integrated with industry 4.0 system.

Technical Data

 U.M Levante Laser A
Generator Power CapacityW3000 | 4000 | 6000
Working areammX-3050 | Y-1525 | Z-150
Axes somultaneous speedm/min170
Metal sheet max weight Kg900
Position accuracymm0.05
Repeatability accuracy mm+/-0.02
Pallet change speedsec.14

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