5 septiembre 2023


Fifty Years of Excellence and Success: Celebrating the Half Century of Our Company Founded in 1973

Half a century of dedication, innovation, and growth: today, we proudly celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the foundation of our company back in 1973. This remarkable milestone provides an opportunity to reflect on our history, acknowledge the achievements made, and look forward with enthusiasm to an even brighter future.

Roots of Commitment and Vision

In 1973, Giancarlo Piccini, with the help of some collaborators, gave birth to our company with a clear mission: to create products/services that would make a difference in people’s lives and in the industry. In a time of change and challenges, our founders showed courage and determination in pursuing their vision, laying the foundation for the company we know today.

Growth Through the Ages

Fifty years of activity have seen our company grow amidst continuous market and technological evolutions. From the initial challenges faced in the ’70s, we have navigated through decades of change, constantly adapting to the new needs of customers and industry advancements. Our ability to evolve over time has been crucial to our enduring success.

Innovation as a Driving Force

Innovation has always been the beating heart of our company. From the early days, we distinguished ourselves by introducing products in the sheet metal processing industry. This pioneering spirit allowed us to tackle complex challenges, embrace new technologies, and lead change rather than merely follow it.

The Importance of People

A fundamental element of our success has been the extraordinary team of individuals who have contributed to the company’s growth. From the creative minds that generated innovative ideas to the employees who dedicated themselves with passion and commitment, each has played a role in building our company’s legacy. This anniversary is a tribute to all who have made their invaluable contributions.

Celebration and Future Perspectives

On the occasion of this significant anniversary, we celebrate not only our history but also our ongoing commitment to look ahead. The coming years will see us face new challenges and opportunities, continuing to innovate and serve our customers with the excellence that has set us apart for fifty years.

A Sincere Thank

In conclusion, we would like to thank all those who have made this extraordinary milestone possible. To our visionary founders, current and former employees, loyal customers, and business partners, we express our deep gratitude for sharing this incredible journey with us. Our success is the result of your trust and support.

Fifty years are just the beginning. With determination and passion, we embrace the future with the same energy that has brought us this far.

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