Start Line

The key feature of all Start Line punching machines is the Quality/Price ratio.


TP Gamma

It is suitable for own production and for third parties, with an excellent performance/investment ratio. The revolutionary vertical turret, unique feature of the TecnoPunch technology, is equipped with 15 rotating stations that allow considerable savings on tooling times and tool purchase costs.


TP Beta

It is suitable for own productions such as panelboards, security doors, ventilation systems and so on. It is the perfect trade-off between cutting-edge technology and price. Automatic and compact, with low energy consumption, versatile and efficient. Station set-up in 12 seconds, tool change during program operation in 3 seconds.


TP Alpha

The ideal punching machine to enter the world of punching, at an affordable price. It is the evolution of Tecnumerik: the CNC functions of an automatic machine and the rotating head allow the orientation of any type of tool, as well as the use of multi-tools, drag tools for cutting, ribs and off-set, and threader.



Designed to be the small punching machine that is indispensable in every carpenter’s workshop. Ideal for making prototypes, small and simple productions and modifications of workpieces already manufactured with an automatic or laser machine.


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Advanced Line

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