Advanced Line

The Advanced Line consists of Premium machines that make the Quality/Performance ratio their forte.


TP Zeta XL

One of the key features of TECHNOLOGY Italiana is the huge working area, which allow the processing of over-size sheet metal by repositioning, and enable to achieve incomparable results. It shares with TP Zeta all the advantages of the vertical turret: highest accessibility and versatility, as well as all the innovative technology of TECNOPUNCH machines.


TP Zeta

Suitable for large productions. Ideal for companies looking for punching machines of high technological and performance level. The small size of the vertical turret in the working area allows the processing of corrugated sheets or thicknesses up to 4/6mm. It can be equipped with an automatic loading and unloading system for sheet metal, allowing nonstop machining.


TP Omega

Essential for those who are looking for a high performance punching machine, ideal as a supplement to other sheet metal cutting systems, to manufacture own products or to finish already defined production processes. Its 5-station configuration can be modified in few seconds thanks to the exclusive Speedy Setup system.



Advanced solutions to automate the production cycle of your punching machine.

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