Compact or advanced solutions to automate the production cycle of your punching machine

When to choose automation

To manage processing even with unmanned shifts and to organize all the phases of the punching cycle in the best possible way, it’s a need particularly felt by those people working in the field of metal sheet working: the loading and unloading systems for the automation of the production cycle solve these needs.


Work cycles 24h / 24h

Possibility to set work cycles 24h / 24h without operator.

Heavy sheet load

Handling of big sheets and weight without supervision of operators.

Scheduled times

Production times are completely planned

TCP Compact

it allows to automate the sheet loading cycle and the unloading of single or micro-spliced pieces and it doesn’t need any programming. Compact solution suitable for small spaces.

TCP Plus

in addition to carrying out normal loading and unloading operations, it can be programmed, in an easy and intuitive way, to stack finished pieces on unload pallets and move on to the next processing phase.


Watch the video on the operation of the TCP Compact loading and unloading system.

Case study

The choice of TECHNOLOGY company is due to a previous experience with a punching machine purchased in 2009. I turned to this company again because machine, collaboration and service were excellent…

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